Review:  Dream A Little Scream by Mary Kennedy

11899980_161254440873686_2169694506889470732_nJust as things are looking up for the small Savannah candy store, Oldies But Goodies, a famous chef almost kills the business for good…or is it the other way around?

“Dream A Little Scream” is the second in the Dream Club series written by award winning author, Mary Kennedy that centers on a vintage candy store owned by two accidental amateur sleuthing sisters. Each week, they hold a meeting in their apartment above the store with a small group of ladies from different backgrounds to delve into the world of dream interpretation. Through these dreams, the “Dream Club” as they call themselves, has already solved one murder. Two new members join the club and things start to take a turn for the strange.

Famous chef, Sonia Scott, comes to town and Taylor and Ali hope having a book signing at their candy store will boost business. Instead, they find they have another mystery on their hands and the Dream Club gets right to sleeping on the job to help solve it. With another body, stolen recipes, secret affairs, seedy secrets and a missing coffee cup, Oldies But Goodies is heading toward the red again…literally.

Once again, Mary Kennedy kept my interest going in the book. I never could figure out the “who done it” until the big reveal at the end which was a shock. My bets were on the wrong person the entire time and I was happy they were. I love it when an author can trick me. This was well written, easy to follow and one that I am happy to have in my collection that will be ready again for sure.


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