Booth Talks Books Celebration

I am so excited that we reached over 100 on the Facebook site, so with five of my close author friends, I am having a week-long give away.
Booth Talks Books giveaway


Here is what we have in store ALL WEEK!!!

Monday: Mary Kennedy- Copy of Dream a Little Scream or French Vanilla Candle

Tuesday: Maureen K Howard- signed copy “Sunny Side Up”

Wednesday: Janet Cantrell- Copies of Fat Cat at Large Fat Cat Spreads Out, with bookmarks and sticky notes

Thursday: Summer Prescott- Kindle Copy of newest book, “A Deadly Slice of Lime”

Friday: Cheryl Dragon (CC Dragon) -Ebook of Helena Goes to Hollywood

Spread the word, enter and good luck!!!! Drawing will be held on Friday evening.

4 thoughts on “Booth Talks Books Celebration

  1. Not sure if this is where I am supposed to answer the question. My dad used to take me to the library before I even started school. And I was read to a lot by Mom and Dad and my grandparents. So my love of reading started young but I always give credit to Dad since he took me to my first library! 🙂

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  2. I’ve always been a reader, probably because my Mom was. I got my very first library card when I was 5 years old (a tradition I continued with my own kids) and spent a lot of time in the library growing up.

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  3. I’ve always loved to read. Just about wherever I went I took a book with me and that really hasn’t changed. I use to take my girls to the library and we come out loaded with books. Thanks for the great week of giveaways!


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