Dying To Play Dolls; Exploring Fear of Dolls in Books

12141691_10102314420465042_5686107502730212657_nSo, if you have looked at my photos, you will note that I love dolls. Yes, I am a collector of several variety of dolls and collect them with my daughter. Not only do we collect them, but we repair dolls for kids in need over at our smallmother/daughter venture, “The Broken Doll.”  We are not a house scared of dolls as we are used to dolls in various states of “undoing.”  We see the beauty in them where most people see something a bit more sinister.

I wanted to share with you my fascination of dolls and my never-ending need to 12140195_10102314420460052_1901574469172612631_oseek out books containing fun, supernatural stories about dolls. A lot of people have issues with dolls , seeing them as having a “creep factor.”  The term for people who have a fear of dolls of any kind (old, new, moving, talking or not) is called Pediophobia. This belongs to a larger category of phobia called, ‘Automatonphobia’. This is a type phobia where the individual is afraid of all humanoid or “human-like-but-not-quite” objects including mannequins, marionettes, ventriloquist’s dummies, wax figures, animatrix or robotic figures etc. The word Pediophobia originates from ‘Paidion’ which means ‘little child’ in Greek and ‘Phobos’ meaning fear or deep dread. Many adult sufferers of 12138498_10102314420470032_6076470387512871942_oPediophobia are also known to fear little children. (http://www.fearof.net/fear-of-dolls-phobia-pediophobia/)

Well, like I said, we don’t have that in this house because we have dolls in all states of corrosion, and mishap. I used to play with my dad’s very mutilated doll that he bit the face off from at age three.  It was my favorite doll ever.  I wish I still had it and have no clue where it went off too.  I do truly miss that faceless baby though.

12072555_10102314420475022_1419256127446076450_nA bunch of fun posting on Facebook by Lisa Kelley sparked my need for this blog post. I just HAD to take photos of our dolls and then go find some doll related books for you all to read since Halloween is upon us. If you find anymore, let me know.

Supernatural Doll Books on my “Have Read” or “To Read” list…

Deb Baker-Dolls to Die For MysteryDolled Up For Murder

Holly Black-Doll Bones

Coraline- Neil GaimanCoraline

The Doll-JC MartinThe Doll

Behind The Attic Wall-Sylvia Cassedy

The Dollhouse Murders-Betty Ren WrightThe Doll Graveyard

Annabelle-by Ruby Jean Jensen

If you want a full list of “Haunted Dolls”, here is a link on Goodreads.  Just click the Dollie Pic…she won’t bite…..


Have a fantastic October and let me know about these books. I have several of them on my “To READ” list and own a few to read this month. Dolls are always a cause for excitement around here!

One thought on “Dying To Play Dolls; Exploring Fear of Dolls in Books

  1. I loved all my dolls when I was a little girl. I still have a few of them. I also have a collection from different countries, but those aren’t the kind you can play with. My grandmother left me one with porcelain head, arms, and legs. There ARE some creepy ones, though.


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