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Kathi Daley is a self published author. Some may wonder what that means having seen all the big names publishing companies on so many books at the various book stores.  So, what does it take to be self published?  Kathi joins Booth Talks Books today to talk to us about the process and what she hopes to accomplish in the future as she sbooktarts aiming her books toward bookstores.

Booth Talks Books: Why do you choose to self publish?

Kathi Daley: I chose to self-publish because I am impatient. It really is as simple as that. Finding an agent, waiting for them to find a publisher, then waiting for a publish date and finally seeing your book in print can take years. With self-publishing the timeline from completed manuscript to book for sale is about a month. I have been very happy with self-publishing and would choose that route all over if I had to do it again.


BTB: What was your first self published book?

KD: Halloween Hijinks – Zoe Donovan #1


BTB: What does your day look like when it comes to writing, promoting and such?  What all is involved?

KD: I work a LOT of hours. I get up in the morning, have some coffee, and immediately get onto the computer. I have to do my birthday posts as early in the day as I can since I am on the west coast, so I always do those first. I then answer emails and take care of other social media tasks such as giveaways and promo updates. This takes about two hours. I then have breakfast and write until I get my word count for the day (usually around 5,000 words). I do try to relax in the evening and I do try to take at least one day a week off and one short (week long) vacation every few months.


BTB: Now, you want to try to get your books physically on bookstore shelves.  How does a self-publishing author go about that?  What obstacles do you face that those with a publishing company don’t face?

KD: When your books are trade published the publisher takes care of distribution. The publishers have contracts with large retailers and your books are sent to the retailer from the publisher. When you self-publish you have to contact the bookstore directly and convince them to give your book a shot. I am trying to get my books into Barnes and Noble. It’s a process to be sure. It helps if those who buy the books would go into their local branch and requests the books. If the buyer for the store has enough requests for an author’s books they are more likely to decide to carry them.


BTB: Do online purchases and reviews help get a book into bookstores?  How can readers help if at all?

KD: Online reviews and purchases most definitely help. Bookstores look at those types of numbers when deciding whether or not to carry a specific book. As I indicated in the previous answer It helps if those who would buy the books would go into their local bookstore and requests the books. My books are available for order through Createspace’s expanded a distribution network so bookstores can buy them wholesale and sell them retail if they choose.

Thank you so much Kathi for taking the time to be with Booth Talks Books today.  This information is for sure something that will help us readers better understand another segment of the world of the author.

Now, it’s time for you readers to leave a comment for Kathi!  Comment below with your e-mail address for a chance to win a $25 Amazon e-card and a paper (Us Only) or e-copy of  Shamrock Shenanigans.  And, if you have questions for Kathi, ask away!  She’s SO good with her readers.





56 thoughts on “Publishing Daley

  1. Thank you Kathi for such clear, concise answers to questions I can relate to both as an avid reader and an indie author. And thank you Sheryl for another delightful blog post. You are both at the top of the list for engaging with your readers and followers. Happy New Year!

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  2. It is always interesting to me to hear about the writing process of my favorite authors. Thanks for all you do for your readers Kathi, you are awesome! dr(dot)oldsmobile(at)icloud(dot)com.

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  3. I loved reading this! Thank you for this interview … it helps us understand just how much time and effort (and talent) it takes to provide us with wonderful books to read. I honestly don’t know how Kathi does all she does but I’m so glad she does it. I LOVE all the books she writes and am always eagerly awaiting her new ones.

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  4. Kathi has become one of my newer favorite authors. Time has not allowed me to read as quickly as I was due to becoming a foster parent of a 17 year old with us needing to spend a lot of time with that but I do read at night to relax and Kathi’s books are among my go to reads. I always thought it was so much faster to self publish as I have a former brother in law who does that and he says it is a great asset. My question would be–How many hours a day do you feel you need to spend with promoting your books and getting the word out. A loyal following will help I know, but you still need to get the buzz going and from what I have seen, you do a great job with that. I would very much love to be considered for a paper copy of Shamrock Shenanigans. I would certainly accept an e-copy as well but do like my print books better. Wishing you all the luck in the world with your endeavors. From what I have read of your books so far, you have the talent and I will do all I can to spread the word which I have done as often as I have been able to read one of your postings on FB since I don’t do other social media but FB. I see that my e-mail address is included with this reply and I hesitate to leave it here as I have had problems with people contacting me that I feel may be from when I leave my e-mail address on blog posts. I will be glad to send it to whomever if you need it. I don’t want to miss out on possibly winning but being bothered from strangers online is not something I want to experience again if possible. Thank you.
    Cynthia Blain

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  5. Kathi is one of the authors that i found last year and i am so glad as she is one of my favs. I just ordered a few more of her books as i just love them! If i win which is almost the imposs i would love the amazon card so i can buy more of her books in print . She does alot of freebies for those that have the kindle but being severely disabled i am not able to do so i have been and always will be a print person..

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  6. Great interview! I always wondered about the pros and cons with self-publishing…seems moe pros. I am glad that the turn around from writing to publishing is so short because us fans get new books quickly to continue our journeys. Thanks, Kathi!


  7. What a nice interview! The information you shared was very interesting and I will be more diligent in posting reviews in the future. I very seldom go to a physical book store but when I do in the future, I’ll be sure to ask for your books! Thanks for sharing this Kathy.


  8. From the first time I discovered Kathi Daley, I have been so impressed with her writing. I often thought ‘she’s really triplets, right? To produce this vast quantity of excellent work!’ And now I find she’s self-published. It’s too much for any one person, unless… Alien lifeform? Lived hundreds of years? There’s got to be a catch!

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