Raisin The Dead by Karoline Barrett

I am so excited to get a chance to review Karoline’s new book.  I will just go ahead and say that it was amazing.  I loved the them of “crazy” running through it.  Yes, I said crazy.  Some of the people in this book aren’t quite right.  I like it!  Make sure to make your way to the bottom for the giveaway entry link!  But, read the review first…okay?  Okay!

We are back in Destiny with Bread and Bagel owner, Molly Tyler and her mother is causing quite the scandal on the front page of the local newspaper with a mystery man. So goes the gossip of a small-town paper and how this quickly turns bad for Annie Tyler when the raisin the dead large banner334man, Philip Baldelli, is found dead and she becomes the main person of interest in his murder.

The investigation focuses on a squabble over the library’s wanting to expand and the fact that the newly engaged Mr. Baldelli had been caught in the middle having said he would donate the money for said expansion. With people on both sides of the issue, the list of people involved in his murder is numerous. When his niece, perfume mogul, Serefina Alessi, that of whom he never had a relationship with, comes to town; another suspect gets added to the list.

Once again, Molly goes in head first searching for the true killer to clear the innocent. She forms a group of amateur detectives from her monthly book club that don the name, “The Destiny Divas” to help Serefina and Mrs Tyler clear their names in the murder of Philip Baldelli. As they dig deeper, they begin to realize that the issue causing the murder is much deeper than money, the library and family.

If not to add injury to insult, Molly’s new boyfriend, Detective Sean Corsino’s ex-sister-in-law comes to town trying to win him over by impersonating his dead former wife after he is involved in a work related accident.

Molly eventually solves the death of Mr. Baldelli, but the road to that is paved with nothing but a path of crazy. That is the best way I can honestly describe it. Once you read this story, it might make you start questioning the people you know in your small town no matter how long you’ve known them. Now, that’s the mark of a good author. She got in my head and made me relate the characters to some of the people I have come across in my town, scratch my head and rethink how much I really know them. Who knew a small-town library could have so much drama?

There was never a moment in Raisin the Dead where I was bored. Karoline never let the story lag or drag, which made for an enjoyable read. I loved seeing Molly grow in her relationship with Sean, her mother and her friends. This book really surprised me. I expected to like it, but not to fall in love with Destiny like I did this time. I am now sold out to this community and it’s characters. Time to find me an apartment there.



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