A Ghostly Reunion; A Review

A Ghostly Reunion by Tonya Kappes

There is always that one person is high school, maybe two, that drove you crazy because they wanted to be at the center of attention. They craved adoration and made sure everyone knew it. To make it worse (or more annoying), they were always dressed to impress with rarely a hair out of place. If you didn’t have one of these glamour gals or guys or can’t recall A Ghostly Reunion Coverwho this person might have been, you might have been that person. Bless your heart…

In, A Ghostly Reunion, Emma Lee is in charge of putting together the class reunion and I don’t feel a seconds bit of envy for her. She was the “creepy funeral girl”, the one people picked on when there was an occasion to do so. I get it. I totally get it Emma. High School is cruel. Thanks goodness, however, that she’s grown into mature (mostly) woman who is now with the most handsome sheriff in Sleepy Hollow Kentucky, Jack Lee Ross. That’s all well and good until that one girl, the one I spoke about earlier who is the glamour queen, comes back into town with her cronies…friends…no I’m going with cronies. Wouldn’t you know that Jade Lee and Jack Henry had been an item in high school? This cannot be good at all, not at all!

What’s worse than knowing your current main squeeze once dated the town beauty queen? Well, I would say having to hang out with her after she had died and her spirit won’t leave you alone for a single minute. Oh Emma Lee, your life is just full of twists and turns.

A Ghostly Reunion made me reminisce about the ups and downs of high school andcrown living in a small town. Tonya is really able to yank those emotions right out of you with the placement of the right character and situation. There are so many of us who can relate to the struggles Emma Lee went though when that one girl she thought she had escaped comes back into town and just twists everything all in the wrong direction. Although, I can’t imagine the added annoyance of having to deal with solving said gal’s murder.

And what would a Tonya Kappes book be without a twist? I am not even going to say I am happy one bit about the twist, although it will make a spectacular next book. I will, however, remain upset at her for this last minute plot twist. Oh Tonya, really?  


Proprietor of the Eternal Slumber Funeral Home, Emma Lee can see, hear, and talk to ghosts of murdered folks. And when her high school nemesis is found dead, Jade Lee Peel is the same old mean girl—trying to come between Emma Lee and her hot boyfriend, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, all over again.

There’s only one way for Emma Lee to be free of the trash-talking ghost—solve the murder so the former prom queen can cross over.

But the last thing Jade Lee wants is to leave the town where she had her glory days. And the more Emma Lee investigates on her own, the more complicated Miss Popularity turns out to be. Now Emma Lee will have to work extra closely with her hunky lawman to get to the twisty truth.

About The Author:

Tonya-KappesFor years, USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes has been publishing numerous mystery and romance titles with unprecedented success. She is famous not only for her hilarious plot lines and quirky characters, but her tremendous marketing efforts that have earned her thousands of followers and a devoted street team of fans.

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