A Mysterious Walk…

Do you love walking through bookstores? Do you have a favorite? I sure do! I had a chance to go with my best friend to Barnes & Noble and we spent… I don’t know how much time exploring the stacks with our kids. 

Of course, I had to spend an inordinate amount of time in the cozy mystery section.  I find myself saying hello to the books when I see the names because the names seem like friends to me.  The looks I get, ha!

Take some time this week to look on the inside covers too, to find out who creates these pieces of art that catch our eyes as we stroll by the shelves at our local bookstores. It’s usually on the inside left cover, a couple of pages in.   And, don’t forget to buy, read, review and repeat.

Oh, and let me know you were here by commenting.  I wanna say hi!


5 thoughts on “A Mysterious Walk…

  1. I love browsing through bookstores. I go to the B&N in my town as much as possible. My favorite place to browse is Murder By The Book in Houston. It’s about. 4.5 hour trip from where I live in North Texas but so worth it. Whenever I go to Houston I always make time to check it out.


  2. You are so fortunate to have an independent bookstore within driving distance. We only have chains around where I am. If I ever get to a large city, I plan to go to an independent bookstore and spend a few hours there. I have read about them, but I have never actually got to visit one. Thanks for commenting!


  3. A new independent bookstore just opened, near where I live. Both, my husband and I were very excited to go in and look around. It’s a great little shop that sells new and used books. Since I was a little girl, I always get excited, at not only the sight of books to be discovered, but the smell of new and old bindings can get me going too.


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