Save Our Cozies

12919853_261001537565642_2626906707958324619_nHelp Save our Cozies, Please….

There are several publishing companies that are deciding that “Cozies” as we call them should be downsized.  Many of my favorite stories will soon end with no resolution if these authors are let go by these companies and left with no place to continue their amazing series.  So, it is up to us as readers to support our writers, our suppliers of words so we can continue to explore their tea shops, bookstores, travel with their pets and haunt those attics as we adventure with our fictional families and solve the crimes we know we ought not be trying to solve.  Oh the fun!  Don’t let the fun end.


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Below is the link to Penguin Random House’s “contact us” page. At the bottom is the form to “send a note.” Keep your note short, sweet and as always, be courteous.  Pretty  is as beauty does.


Here is what I personally sent to Penguin….

I would like to write and say that I hope you reconsider doing away with the “cozy” category.  We readers of this category love both the stories and authors very much and losing them would be like losing family.
Respectfully yours,
Sheryl Hagan-Booth