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Shards of Murder by Cheryl Hollon (Review)


12705216_238955896436873_7007483064192358888_nSavannah Webb has just inherited Webb’s Glass Shop after the death of her father, the pioneer and founder. This unfortunate twist of his death, assisting to solve his murder and new role as a shop owner takes her away from the dream of becoming a care-free glass artist and holds her down to the small town she has always known. Not exactly the way she had seen her life heading. As her former teacher, Keith Irvin states, “The transition from student to master requires tremendous personal growth.” Savannah does so much of that and more in “Shards of Murder.”

We encounter Savannah as she is coping with her recent loss and beginning to get the shop settled. To aid her, she hires several high-spirited workers to make the transition easier; Amanda Blake and her father’s former apprentice, Jacob Underwood. She starts to understand how tough it is to manage a studio business. In addition, she finds out more about her father’s life in the community when she is requested as the new glass judge at the Spinnaker Art Festival, taking her father’s place.

Savannah’s days leading up to the festival are busy with situating the schedules and agenda for glass making classes and meeting the new students. On the day of the festival, she explores exhibits, ready to score the pieces, but is floored by one particular piece, a ruby red glass dress by glass artist Megan Loyola. Upon meeting Megan, she is spoken to hostilely and is told that she is driven by unbridled passion to make her pieces. She then abruptly storms off, leaving Savannah actually wanting to know more about Megan and fascinated.

I love the descriptions given about the glass piece of Megan’s. Noting being a glass artist or a person who is around many pieces of glass art, I could truly understand the intensity in the piece. I love the way Cheryl gives life to the art though her choice of words in this section.

We get to meet others in Savannah’s life; most important I believe is Rooney, who had been her father’s dog. We get to spend time with Savannah and Rooney in agility practice and on walks, getting to see a side of the character we could only see with this hyper pet. I enjoyed these sections she spends with the Rooney as through his training and learning discipline, she is learning to work though and understand her own feeling pertaining to her dad’s death; a disciplining of her emotions and learning to heal.

Savannah chooses the winner of the glass competition, Megan, but she is nowhere to be found. Megan’s entire exhibition at the art show has been packed up. After the presentations, Savannah starts probing around the show and then calling but Megan is not to be found.

It’s not until the next day that we begin to understand why Megan did not claim her prize at the art show. On Savannah and Rooney’s morning walk, they find her body floating in the river. Savannah calls the police as she holds on to the bobbing corpse of the girl. When they arrive, and unfortunate turn of events sends the body back into the water where it is lost until authorities find it later that day. Savannah is put at the top of the murder suspect list and a story of twisted intent, scorned love and jealousy start from there. But, even with classes, an upcoming dog show and being the number one suspect, Savannah, along with her employees are on the track of this ruthless killer to clear her name and keep Webb’s Glass’ reputation streak free.

This book was full of beautiful descriptions. During the classroom scenes, I felt like I was actually learning along with the students to the point of where I now want to find a fused glass studio and give it a go myself.

Cheryl not only made me feel like part of the crime-solving posse, but also introduced me


to two thinks I have never been a part of before. Those being, glass art and dog agility training. Anyone can write about a dead body, but it takes a special gift of writing to be able to get a reader to actually want to participate in something in the real world outside of the book. Kudos!

Shards of Murder” is a fun cozy, mystery that the reader will enjoy for not only the murder but for the characters, the family feel of non-relation family and how well the whole piece works together to become one fantastic book. If only all friends were like “The Posse.”


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 I was sent this book in exchange for a fair review