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Spies and Spells by Tonya Kappes-Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00046]I want to be a witch like Maggie Park and I want a car like Vinnie. A talking car would be handy, don’t you think? Seriously, I was drawn into the story of this Louisville Kentucky witch’s family from the first page and was taken on a wild ride throughout the entire book.  When is my Witchy Hour?

Maggie is living with her mother, aunt, sister and family familiars (witch assistants)  trying to figure out what her life calling is, working at the family diner while trying to fit in as a mortal and be a learned witch at the same time. Talk about living undercover in plain site!

The Park family lives in the south, interacting with people I can relate to oh so well! Being from the south myself, I can just hear all of the sayings coming from the neighbor, Mrs. Hubbard and Auntie Meme. A multitude of “bless your heart”, “fair to middlin” and others sprinkle the entire book and make me feel right at home. I even know neighbors with those plastic flowers. Bless their hearts….

Maggie is a go-getting, ready to escape the clutches of her family young woman in her late 20s who is ready to get on with her life. So, naturally she gets involved, by accident, in a drug bust where she meets a handsome guy, Mick, who ends up being an undercover agent for a secret organization. But, not before she zaps some poor guy into a cat. Sweet! After three bodies, finding out her car tends to talk and drive on it’s own, it’s Mick who starts to find Maggie irritatingly intriguing when the SKUL organization hires her as a secret citizen agent to work a case involving Mystic Couture makeup. She already lives undercover anyway, right?

This book is fast paced, full of humor and fun suspense. You also get a good taste of the south with this amazing witch family. I loved how Maggie develops throughout the story. You can see her grow up and start to come into her own, taking responsibility for her powers and who she is to the family and the mortal world.

Spies and Spells is the first book in the new Spies and Spells series by author,Tonya Kappes.


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Irish Crème Killer by Summer Prescott-Review

Summer sends her characters off on a vacation, away from the sweets shop in Calgon owned by Missy and her husband, detective Chas Beckett to upstate New York. With their close friends, they open up their world to them, a side of the family that most don’t see and that Chas has tried to remove himself from, a life of luxury and over obsessive wealth were money and fast cars are the norm.

Upon arriving, the Becketts, their Marine friend Spencer, and couple friend Kel and Echo 51epUej6PuL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_take in the grandeur that was the life of Chas at one time. They meet his siblings who embraced the life of leisure and luxury instead of having working class jobs. We find out that even though he was far from his father during his (father) illness, Chas made the trip to see his father when his siblings who lived close did not. This endured me as a reader to the character of Chas.

After showing off the car collection his father left to him, letting his friends drive their choice of the pricey vehicles and Kel nearly having a fatal crash (oh those guys and their cars), they decide to enter into an upcoming car race. Meanwhile, the ladies get chatted up by one of Chas’s former childhood tennis acquaintances, Muffy. She seems mysterious since she was eavesdropping.

A horrible accident occurs on race day that is pinned on Chas due to a past squabble with the now deceased judge. Someone starts planting evidence and tries a little too hard to frame him for the murder and a detective Wallace is all over Chas with questions and an unhealthy hate. Luckily, being a detective and having friends who have your back (even in secret) always helps. And…what exactly is Spencer up to anyway with all that sneaking around?

This was an easy read; quick and witty with a weaving of several plots going at once to keep you interest held. The language between the couples is as sweet as the treats Missy makes back in Calgon; lots of gooey goodness. So, you have to love a book with “cuddle wording” as I call it. I was able to understand the characters for the most part not having read the past books, but it would help knowing their background if you have time to go back and play catch-up. These are lovely characters that I look forward to following!

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