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Magnus: Between Two World (A Graphic Novel)

Between Two Worlds

Words: Kyle Higgins
Art: Jorge Fornes
Colors: Chris O’Halloran
Letters: Taylor Esposito

It’s a problem as old as time. We as humans seem to create our own problems, our own


Oh,what have you done Fredrick?

downfalls. And usually, it comes in the form of how we treat those who we consider inferior to ourselves.  Silly us.

Magnus delves headfirst into this with an amazing science fiction gone all too real when a human-made A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) butler has a manic breakdown after returning from his mental vacation and kills his human family. Was it the fault of the cyber-being or the fault of the humans who treated him with less than human like feelings? Was he nothing more than a toaster to them?

Enter Dr. Magnus, a retired machine-retriever turned A.I. psychologist. She is asked by the government to go into the world of the machines and find out why the butler went rogue. But, is she safe? We are left hanging with this question at the end.

This new world is fascinating and between the writing, artwork and colors, it all works together to set the mood for what is going to be a crazy cyber ride.  This first in the series has some major reality creep factors and I am loving it.  Be careful how you treat those around you.

I bought my copy from Heroes Wanted Comics in Gallatin Tennessee (HI Mike, Matt and Andrew and Guardian Mama!) so I totally think you should support your local mom and pop comic store.  But, if don’t have one near you, click my link below. 

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Needless to Say, I loved it.  So, if you have read MAGNUS what are your thoughts?  Do you love stories about Artificial Intelligence?  Leave me a comment below!