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Review: Murder By Lime by Summer Prescott

26208771We return to Key West in Murder By Lime, the fourth installment of Summer Prescott‘s Key West Culinary series.  We find the mother, Marilyn Hayes already fretting about her daughter being late for work at her small Key Lime pie shop.

When daughter, Tiara, arrives we find out her yoga class running late.  Marilyn then goes into the typical “he’s too old for you” mom talk when she finds out that Tiara has been hanging around the yoga instructor.  They banter back and forth about Drew’s merits, setting him up to be a major player in the story.

A lime shortage hits the country and the small shop in a big way, making them look into other options for their fruit supply.  Tiara informs Marilyn that Drew is into shipping and importing as a second job aside from teaching yoga.  Reluctantly, Marilyn agrees to let her check to see if Drew could find a supplier of limes to keep the small sweet shop afloat. He succeeds.

A new supplier is found at a cheaper rate and all seems well.  Tiara and Drew start to hang out more and going on frequent rides in his boat. The happiness is short-lived, however, as Pedro is found dead days later on Drew’s sunken boat and Tiara is arrested for the crime by Detective Bernard Cortland.

Marilyn’s creepy neighbor, Tim Eckels sees things he shouldn’t, Carlos the old supplier of limes seems happy that Pedro is dead since his business is flourishing and Drew is hiding a secret.  Who killed Pedro? Will Tiara’s name be cleared or is it doors closed for Sublime Sweets?

This is the second book I have read in the series and I can tell you that you do not have to read these in order to enjoy them. I was looking for mention of the crimes in the prior book, but it was never mentioned. So, the reader is not going to feel11988459_10102268920237862_362473221879797504_n like they are missing out on anything. There is nothing worse than grabbing a book that you want to enjoy then being lost because you’re missing out on something. This won’t happen in this series it seems. I could easily see this being a weekly mystery series on TV.

I love the realistic relationship between Marilyn and Tiara. The way they interact and face obstacles together is nice. Each of them are living their own lives, trying to find their own way but at the same time still being there for each other through their love of the pie shop. The shop, in a way, is symbolic of their connection, constantly changing, but anchored with the same main ingredient. Yes, I am equating the lime to love. Call me mushy but you’ll see what I mean when you read it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this light, yet action packed cozy.