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Review: Murder On Wheels by Lynn Cahoon


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This book is a one in a series of many.  I was in love with the cover and the premise of it. A murder, a squabble over a food truck, geocaching and a café; how in the world can all that work in one book?  Honestly, I was skeptical at first.  I thought it would be flying all over the place with too many themes and too many settings.  Thank goodness she did.  This made for well-rounded characters with not only jobs but hobbies, friends and acquaintances.  Yes, they actually had believable lives.  They could have been my group of friends I hung out with.


I loved the fact that Jill, the main character, got into believable relationships and believable arguments along the way of solving a murder. I haven’t read any of the other books in the “Tourist Trap Mystery” series and I got to know her and her boyfriend and friends just fine. This is always a good thing for me, as I don’t always have a chance to read an entire series.


Jill is pulled into many directions on many different occasions. There is the issue with her Aunt Jackie, the murder case her boyfriend is working on as well as the scuffle that occurs with her best friend.   I love to see how a character handles different situations. She isn’t hyper-focused on this death that occurs. It’s a tragedy that has happened that she wants to solve, but it doesn’t consume her unrealistically. It’s a nice balance.


Lynn takes us through different scenarios with Jill, Greg, Amy, the Geocache Club friends as well as the co-workers at the shop Jill owns and her dog, Emma. You see how each interact with each other over the death of Kacey and it’s at that point when you realize that any of Jill’s friends could have committed the murder. Each character also develops in their own way.  You see them come into their own right before your eyes.  It isn’t until the very end, a very surprising end mind you, that you finally find out who the murderer is. It was a great way to find out who the culprit was too. I loved the reveal!


This is an easy read for someone who wants a mystery to solve over the weekend. Lynn’s descriptions and writing making reading a breeze and keep the reader engaged. And, not having to have to have read the previous books, one can jump right in to this particular book.

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I was sent this book in exchange for a fair review.