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Save Our Cozies READaTHON


The fabulous manager at the Indian Lakes Barnes and Noble store, sorting the bookmarks we brought in this morning.

So, my daughter have been out and about all morning and afternoon spreading the cozy mystery goodness in our fare state of Tennessee.  We have not only been yapping online but also went to our favorite Barnes and Noble in Hendersonville Tennessee to pass out a boo-coo of bookmarks for them to hand out to those who pass through their store.  The amazing and awesome manager went right to work sorting and putting them in the books they represented. How much do you love that?  I love that a ton!









One of the fun challenges today at the “Save Our Cozies READaTHON” that I have liked was the “What Character Sleuth Are You?”  I found out I was most like a character I had never read from an author I have never read, MC Beaton.  Here was the description:

You got: Agatha Raisin
From the Agatha Raisin series by M.C. Beaton! The first book in this series is The Quiche of Death. Agatha is facing a change in her life, a newcomer, determined, and can be a little brash. But ultimately Agatha Raisin has a heart of gold. She is retired and solves any mysteries she comes across. Does this sound like you?

So, still unsolved mysteries as to new books I haven’t discovered.  And…my “to be read” list grows.  I love it!  Happy READaTHON sleuths.