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Rescuing Dogs with Books-Donations Needed for October Raffle!


So, you know I love dogs and really animals of all kinds.  I have had it placed upon my heart to do a raffle to benefit a Collie dog rescue in my hometown of Bowling Green Kentucky, but I need help from all of my author friends for this one.

If you write about animals or have an animal in your book, on your cover, in you home, would you consider donating a book to this raffle?  I want to do this in October so the rescue can have some money come winter time.  Winter is the hardest time for animal rescues.  It gets cold, they need extra food, more blankets, beds and sadly there are a lot of animals that just get dropped off because people don’t want the responsibility.  I won’t even get into how that makes me feel…

So, if you are an author or know an author who would like to donate, just contact me here or on Facebook.  Here is the link to the rescue all the money would go to.

Cedaridge Collie Rescue