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Review: Robert the Doll by Carolyn Haines

As most of my blog readers know, I am a doll collector. I play with dolls. I also restore dolls for The Broken Doll. Dolls are one of the great joys in my life and have been for years. I have been fascinated with them both in real life and in film and literature. For many, dolls hold a major creep factor. I haven’t ever had an issue with being creeped out by dolls in real life but I love watching and reading about others squirm.

This morning, I woke up to see that Carolyn Haines had released a short story titled,51NQBI1iZXL._SL250_ “Robert The Doll.” I knew immediately who Robert was and a squeal erupted from my throat. Robert is a well-known (supposedly cursed) doll who was once owned by Key West painter and author, Robert Eugene Otto, housed at the East Martello Museum in Florida.

With the release of the movie, “The Boy”, Carolyn’s gift to paranormal doll lovers everywhere couldn’t have come at a better time. Needless to say, I breezed through the short story of Robert. I have been a big fan of his for a long time.

Mario Anza is a 15-year-old boy who has been conned into coming on vacation to Key West Florida in September by his two heavy-drinking parents. With his parents passed out drunk most days, Mario has to make the best of his week in the town of winter-escaping old folks.  After several failed attempts at fun, he stumbles upon a local high school group about to tour the East Martello Museum. He chats up a pretty blonde, Ashley and her friend, Ellie about the supposed haunted doll, Robert who resided in the east tower. Afraid, Ashley’s friends refuse to go with her to see Robert, but Mario agrees to sneak in and take a look to impress her.

They find Robert sitting in his famous chair and from there everything you know about dolls is flipped upside down. Did Robert’s expression change? Who’s watching Mario? Where is Ashley? Who keeps calling Mario and leaving anonymous messages? Oh, I think we know who…. “We’ll always be together……..”

Shivers will run up and down your spine as you read, “Robert The Doll.” The suspense is so well written that you’ll want to read this in the light.  Why not start now?  Click on Jo below to go to the link to get your own copy.  Don’t make Robert angry.


I give it five dolls out of five. Robert made me……