Want to play SPOTLIGHT?

At Booth Talks Books, I believe in writers because without them, there would be nothing to read. How horrible would that be? So, I want to help you promote your book by providing Cozy Mystery and a limited number of YA authors with the opportunity to talk about their books for FREE!


So, what are the criteria to get a BTB Spotlight?

For Cozy: No violence against children, animals and no blood, gore or sex scenes of any kind. Cozies are feel-good amateur mysteries for light reading and I won’t promote it otherwise.  I accept food, animal, paranormal, etc cozies.  Any cozy that fits the above criteria is good to go.

Young Adult: No sexualizing of children, teens or violence against animals. Young adults are very impressionable and we want to post books that are fun to read for them whether they be mystery, adventure or fantasy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Booth Talks Books receives a lot of books to read and review.  Spotlighted books are not ones that will read and reviewed necessarily unless prior arrangements have been made.  This is simple a place for you to brag on your baby and get the word out.  The more outlets, the better…yes?  So, let me help you brag!

What will BTB post for your spotlight?

Book cover, a synopsis provided by you and author links to any social media or sites you would like readers to view.

Please fill out the form below and we can start talks and get dates set up for your spotlight. I post on Facebook, Twitter and of course, Booth Talks Books’ blog.